Jagdschloss Resort Invest

500 years of history,
all the way to the present.

The Jagdschloss Kühtai and the 3-Seen apartment building become the Jagdschloss-Resort.

The construction of the 3-Seenhaus in 2018 rang in a new chapter for the 500-year-old hunting lodge of the Emperor Maximilian, the Jagdschloss Kühtai, which is now called the Jagdschloss Resort. At an altitude of 2000m, the Habsburg hunting lodge of Kühtai and the innovative 3-Seen apartment building, a timber structure with inspiring, welcoming design apartments, form a unique combination.

The Jagdschloss Resort is an extended alpine hamlet at the heart of the Tyrolean Alps, right next to the 3-Seen lift and the ski resort of Kühtai, which is particular popular with Innsbruckers. On grazing grounds measuring 18 hectares stands the ancient property, the Jagdschloss Kühtai with the Schlossbar, chapel, servants' quarters and stables, where animals are still housed today. The new 3-Seenhaus, faces the old structure, as a contemporary addition and an inspiring contrast.

Abendstimmung im Jagdschloss Resort Kühtai

The Jagdschloss Kühtai –

the heart of the Jagdschloss Resort

This is where, 500 years ago, the Emperor Maximilian liked to spend his summers. His passion for hunting was legendary, and this was the perfect place for indulging in his favourite pastime. Later, in the 17th century, Leopold V and Claudia of Medici turned the former farmstead into a proper hunting lodge. The imperial-royal part of the lodge survives to this day, and the cosy, stone pine-clad “Fürstenstuben” and “Fürstenzimmer” really bring the past to life. When lingering over your “mélange” coffee in the mornings, feeling like Duke Leopold or Claudia of Medici comes easy!

Lobby Jagdschloss - Ambiente unserer Ferienwohnungen

The emperor’s new clothes

A wealth of modern design elements provide a contemporary feel: the Schlossbar with its new wood panels, the open fireplaces in the Schlossbar and the spacious lobby, the long breakfast buffet, jam-packed with delicious treats, the wonderfully relaxing sauna area, the inspiring “Sissi” and “ducal” rooms… all these contemporary variations delight the senses with a touch of luxury that makes for a holiday fit for an emperor!

Restaurant im Jagdschloss Resort

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Food and drink at the Jagdschloss Resort.

From the Schlossbar to a gourmet dinner via the sun terrace

The gourmet dinner in the welcoming Fürstenstuben and on the spacious veranda offers culinary treats of the highest order. Treat yourself to the very best. We serve delicacies such as roast duck, roast pork, cheese fondue… Let your gaze wonder from the menu to the mountain panorama and back again. Whichever way you look, you won’t be disappointed! If you prefer a snug and cosy environment, enjoy your gourmet dinner the Fürstenstuben with its original wood panelling.

Jagschloss Resort - Frühstücksbuffet

Breakfast at the Jagdschloss – fit for an emperor

Freshly brewed coffee, fresh “Kaisersemmel” rolls, juicy grapes…

Our breakfast buffet offers truly everything that puts the “good” into “good morning” and is an absolute highlight for all our guests.
Whether you stay in the Jagdschloss Kühtai or in the 3-Seenhaus, breakfast is served in the “Schlossgang” passage every day from 7am until 11am.

Sonnenterrasse in Kühtai - Ferienimmobilie in Tirol kaufen

Where the sun never sets.

Our sun terrace, right next to the slopes.

The sun terrace of the Jagdschloss Resort faces west. This is where you can enjoy the sun for longest and drink in the unobstructed views towards the Ötztal Alps. Perfect for taking a break from skiing or bringing your hike to a close with a “Kaiserschmarrn” or a juicy steak. We will be pleased to serve the items of your choice on the sun terrace.

Bar in Jagdschloss - Nebengebäude zu unseren Invest-Wohnungen

The legendary Schlossbar

Après-ski and fine wines.

From the afternoon until late at night, our Schlossbar is the place to be and to stay! In 2017, the Schlossbar was given a makeover. Its new design is easy on the eye, its fine whisky is easy on the palate. Bring your day to a perfect close at the crackling log fire and in good company!

Our insider’s tip for connoisseurs: the old wine cellar with premium wines from Austrian and international vineyards.

The Jagdschloss Resort offers wonderful opportunities for relaxation, regeneration and entertainment. From the newly refurbished sauna to curling or visit to the horse stables, there is truly something for everyone.

Sanabereich im Jagdschloss Resort Kühtai - Hotel & Investmentimmobilien

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The newly refurbished sauna

Perfect relaxation after skiing

There is nothing like the contrast between physical exertion and relaxation. Head for the sauna after an active day’s skiing or hiking and see what we mean! The new sauna area in the Jagdschloss comes with a steam bath, Finnish sauna and bio-hay sauna. A spacious, beautifully designed quiet room affords splendid views of the Alps.

The sauna is located in the Elisabeth wing of the Jagdschloss and is open to the guests of the Jagdschloss Resort. It is open daily from 3pm until 9pm, even earlier when the weather is bad.

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Fun and games at the Jagdschloss Resort.

Curling is a highly social sport and makes the perfect activity for birthday or anniversary parties. Curling has a long tradition at the Jagdschloss Kühtai and is great at bringing people together. Enjoy a bit of competition in a fun setting – and if you like, we’ll reward you with a shot of rum each time you score!

Pferde grasen in Kühtai

Horses at the Jagdschloss Resort

A delight for animal lovers

Guests may visit our ponies in the stables in winter and on the paddock in summer. During the summer months, the 18-hectare grazing grounds of the Jagdschloss Resort are also home to 10 Angus oxen and 20 warmblood broodmares and their foals.