Jagdschloss Resort Invest

Financing your holiday property
in Tyrol/Austria

Preferential conditions that are highly attractive

If you require borrowed funds in addition to your own capital in order to finance you property, we can help you with the financing.

We have negotiated highly attractive rates for financing the 3-Seenhaus project with one of the leading Tyrolean banks and are offering you the chance of benefiting from these preferential conditions. The bank staff working on the project are familiar with every aspect of it, which will greatly speed up the processing of your loan application and facilitate the overall process.

As a rule, purchasers are able to borrow from 40-50% of the purchasing price. You can decide whether you prefer fixed or variable interest rates – offers are available for both options.

As the purchasing of the property qualifies as an entrepreneurial activity, you are not only entitled to deduct the VAT contained in the purchasing price from tax, but may also write the interest from the financing scheme off tax when you declare your rental income from the property.

We are happy to send you a detailed package with all the information and data you need. However, please note that borrowing in Austria is contingent upon a personal appointment with the competent advisor.